Richard Johansson and Johan Lundin received the IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize

News: Jun 05, 2018

Richard Johansson and Johan Lundin are the winners of the IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize 2018! They received their diplomas, flowers and tributes during the IT Faculty Spring Ceremony in the Assembly Hall of University of Gothenburg.

Richard Johansson was nominated for the prize by his students at the new course "Applied Machine Learning".

Prodekan Dick Stenmark och Richard Johansson

Nomination text for Richard Johansson: 

'Richard Johansson is a fantastic lecturer, who truly wants to see his students learn and grow. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that the quality of the education – as well as the experience for his students – is top notch. He has a remarkable ability to break down complex concepts and he makes a lot of effort to ensure that each student has the resources necessary to learn what he is trying to mediate. Richard is conveying the theory into practice, also providing opportunities for industry professionals to give insights to the students.

Richard really goes the extra mile in order to make it easier for us. He is always well prepared and has always an ear for his students, willing to lend a helping hand – both outside and inside the course.'

Photo above: Pro Dean Dick Stenmark reads the nomination text for the prize winner Richard Johansson (on the right).


Johan Lundin was nominated by his current and former PhD students.

Prodekan Dick Stenmark och pristagare Johan LundinNomination text for Johan Lundin:

'Johan Lundin is a very inspiring supervisor with a large personal engagement in his PhD students. He is responsive, open to new ideas, pedagogically skilled, with a special talent for making PhD students believe in themselves, their capability and their research.

Johan Lundin’s supervision is distinct and progressive, driven by curiosity, playfulness and optimism. His remarkable ability to conduct supervision in an innovative way and take the process forward at the required pace, has always given us the feeling that our research projects have been taken further after dialogue and interaction with Johan.'

Photo: Pro Dean Dick Stenmark (on the left) is congratulating prize winner Johan Lundin, who also is a very newly appointed professor!



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